Three lessons that you can apply to your next visualization, dashboard, or presentation

My job is to think about how we communicate data and analytics, so from time-to-time I catch myself admiring how others construct their products and visualizations.

I recently updated my phone with the latest iOS and one update in particular that caught my eye was the new Weather app. I…

Improving the Search for the Perfect Starbucks Location

Of all the articles I’ve written, the most popular by far is one on analyzing and predicting Starbucks’ location strategy. In it, I discuss two possible approaches for a data-driven framework to choosing a new location. The crux of the article is identifying the composition of a business’ target market…

Analyzing COVID-19’s Impact on Housing Prices in Major Cities

Four years ago I moved to Boston for my first job, fresh-faced and ready to experience the city. I quickly followed the millennial trajectory of paying too much for a too-small apartment in the heart of the city. I traded off space and conveniences for access.

I could walk 10…

Jordan Bean

Analytics Professional and Data Enthusiast;

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